Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A mini-guide on how I work with ProMarkers

Hi everyone!  Thought I´d show you how I color stamp motifs with ProMarkers. I appologize for the slighty blurry photos- I blame it on the cold I´m sitting wither here right now.

In the following photos I´ve used a stamp from the Swedish company called Magnolia.

Let´s start with the face because you don´t wanna spend a bunch of time coloring the rest of the motif if the face is bad right?

I use these colors:

100602 014

I first color around the outer line of the face with Sunkissed Pink. Then I color an area in the middle with Ivory and then the cheeks with Pastel Pink (not shown above). Now she looks like this:

100602 012

Then I take my Blush color and work it ALL OVER the face, making them soak up in each other. Since they´re alcoholic based they will blend very nicely.

For the hands I used first Sunkissed Pink where I think there´s gonna be shadow and then go over the whole area with Blush.

Next the hair. I´m gonna make this one a brunette so I´m using these colors:

100602 021

I start with Tan and color where I think  there will be highlights.  Then I´m just “dotting” with Walnut where I want it to be darker. Don´t get all fuzzed up about how it looks for now…..;)

100602 015

Grab your Cinnamon pen and start blending it with the spots of Walnut until they mix properly.

100602 020

Then work your way into the outer areas where you painted with Tan with the Cinnamon pen. DON´T mix them altogether now! Now you should have something looking like THIS:

100602 026

After this you can just go ahead and color the rest of your motif. Have in mind that the colors can come off very bright at first, but they will “fade” a bit once they´re totally dried.

Here´s my finshed Tilda:

100602 028

Now some you might wonder why I haven´t colored the fungi in her apron, but that´s because I´m gonna cover them up like this…

100602 056

… and here´s the finished card:

100602 056

A card IS coming with the Tilda in red too, but it´s not finished yet….Didn´t think about finishing her first for this – oops! :O

Have a wonderful day! ;)

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