Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hope you enjoyed DSD this weekend with all the fun going on around in digi-land! I was working myself so I didn´t have that much time to spend on all the fun… :(

I did a couple of good bargains though – I couldn´t help myself when I stumbled across THESE goodies:

Christmas_by_Malina_preview folder folder folder the photographer's tool box elements Evercila_design_tinted_preview_el folder MagDesigns-Sweet nightmare-PV folder Rock a Bye

folder vlim_onefineday

Three of them were actually freebies and they´re awesome – Malina´s Christmas is all around; Evercila´s Tinted and Rock-a-Bye Baby by My3Hens.

Now just guess how much fun I´m gonna have with these! And if you hurry I think that you still can pick up some of Kasia Desigs for a steal  - 1 US dollar each! Hmmmm…when I grow up to a designer I wanna be just like her! ;) LOVE her design!

Have a wonderful week!/Carina

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