Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy Sunday

Today has been a really busy day! Cleaning, doing the laundry, making lasagna……. AND squeezed in some creative time!

I found this awesome tutorial on how to make your own sassy flowers. What do you think about these that I made?

091115 007

Sorry for the bad pic! If you want to try visit this place: Holly´s tutorial

I also finished a necklace that I started on yesterday:

091115 008 - Kopia 091115 009 - Kopia

Tomorrow I´ll be working in my store again and I gotta tell you it´s crazy these days! We have sooo much to do when Christmas is around the corner. But it´s also so much fun! I´m looking forward to some new stuff that we´ve been ordered to the store. One of them is the Slice machine which seems so cool.

When I get back home I´m gonna start planning for Christmas. I wanna do loads of stuff this year like baking and making my own candy.

Have a nice week – and happy scrapping!


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