Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hi again!

I`ve been struggling with making my own backgrounds for my blog but it seems impoosible to make it work!  I have search the net but now I´m so tired…I´d love to know if any of you have any good ideas on how to learn how to do it…

Life keeps rolling on and I have to make Christmas cards for a class due next week. I just realized that I forgot all the papers for it at work –what a bummer! At least I can color the motifs for them….

Now you have a nice Saturday and Sunday!



Angeljet said...

I will be back with an answer this evening. On my laptop at home I've the name of a site I've used.

Angeljet said...

Yeah, here I am again.
I've used this site:

Good luck with your blog. Hugs!