Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pimping a notebook

I bought a notebook to have in my purse for all the stuff that appears in my head like layout ideas, funny words, thought and so on. The book had a really nice price – just 30 SEK (appr 4 US dollars). It was ok just plain, but I wanted it to become more personal. This is how it looked first:

090804 084

Now I´ve finished the front cover and it looks like this:

090804 238

I added a vintage picture with some lace around it that I had in my sewing drawer. The fabric flowers are from Petaloo. The button is from my hubbies grandmother. The ribbon is a bookmark with some glass pendants. I might do more inside later on but now it´s ready to use.

I´m working on some scrapbooking stuff that hopefully will turn into a nice freebie here. We´ll see… ;)

Happy Scrapping!/Carina

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