Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fast update

Ok - so I got around to post more today...not bad eh?

I´ve been dipping my toes deeper and deeper into paper scrapping and cardmaking and you know what? I really like it but it gets soooo messy and it takes time to pull out all the stuff you need for it! But in the end it´s worth it and you can actually see it irl - I´m terrible at printing my digital layouts and I really hope there will come some cheaper solutions for printing books here in Sweden.

So here they are:

090702 128 090702 125

... and a close-up:

090702 129

Me and DD have found a new addiction and it´s spelled FIMO! I was looking on one of my new fav sites - Cuteable - and from there I got totally lost on Flickr looking around on all the goodies people have made out of Fimo. So now we´re trying to do some nice little things to use for bracelets and stuff like that. Lucky me I go on vacation a week from now.... ;)

090702 069 090702 071

Tonight  is gonna be spent with the family in the sofa looking at "Bolt" which we haven´t seen yet in company with a bag of crisps and a glass of wine...Not a bad way to end a week if you ask me...

Have a great week - <3 Cinna

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