Friday, June 19, 2009

All by myself

These two last weeks has been hysterical and time has really flied by.

Last week me and SIL was in Malmö/Lund visiting Panduro Hobby and we had a blast! So many nice and friendly people and all the new goodies coming this fall was fabulous! Without saying too much I just LOVE the new stamps that are coming and the new Tilda stuff is sooo cute!I have loads of photos that I can´t show you, but take my word for it: If you love scrapbooking and cardmaking you will really look forward to the new stuff.

On top of this my DS was doing his last year at school (finishing year 9 here in Sweden) so we celebrated that on Sunday with friends.

This week my SIL has gone on vacation which means I will run the store all alone for four weeks. Lucky me it´s Midsummer this weekend so I´m free Friday and Saturday. Yesterday we got loads of stuff to unpack in the store so I was exhausted at 6 pm when we closed.

Today we have just finished our traditional Midsummer lunch which is typical Swedish - fresh potatoes, soured cream with chives and herring (kinda pickled).  For dessert we had strawberry cake - yummy I say!

In the evening we will barbecue and watch Yes man! with Jim Carrey. It wouldn´t surprise me if I´ll have a glass of wine or two...

Now I´m wishing you all a really nice weekend!



Angeljet said...

If you lived nearer to me, I could have helped you unpack in the store, lol! Your Midsummer lunch sounds delicious! I love it when every country has it's own tradition.
And congrats to your DS finishing school. So he has some free time now? And he will return to a following school after summer vacation?

Lisbet said...

Long time since I took a inspirationsurf around the net. I really need to gather lots of fun ideas.