Sunday, April 12, 2009

The rest of the goodies

It has been a wonderful Sunday! DH and I went to Hornborgasjön which is an amazing place to visit early spring to watch all the cranes play - and a lot of other birds too. Here are some pics:

090412 Hornborgarsjön 157

090412 Hornborgarsjön 232

090412 Hornborgarsjön 017

090412 Hornborgarsjön 034

The rest of the day has been really laid-back and that´s really what I need right now.

OK - I promised to show some more wonderful designer stuff that has come my way.

First out is my sweet friend Bonnie van Esch latest kit called A burst of sunshine. It´s full of happy and bright papers and embies.


Here´s my layout with it:


Next is another of my friends Mari Koegelenberg. She just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I´m amazed that she got time to make all this wonderful new stuff...

mkoegelenberg-remarks004_LRG mkoegelenberg-remarks003_LRG mkoegelenberg-remarks002_LRG mkoegelenberg-remarks001_LRG

mkoegelenberg-remarksmats_LRG mkoegelenberg-labels001_LRG


Here´s my layout...


She has also created an awesome kit with Erica Zane that´s gonna be released this week....


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PatinParis said...

Trying to hook up with you on twitter...did not work! Blog is coming along well and congratulations on your shop!!