Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mourning CLD

Last week my home here on the Internet closed down. I´ve been with Color Line Design since the beginning and really have got the chance to meet some wonderful people and to work with some wonderful designers. But due to several issues Kellie (former owner of CLD) decided to close the site.  I respect her decision and truly understand - family comes first. But still - it´s so sad.....

Anyway....I´ve been invited to join another site and I´m so looking forward to be hanging out there. Many of my wonderful friends from CLD are joining too so hopefully we´ll make that too a wonderful place to be. I´ll be announcing that as soon as all the details are finished.

In my off-line life I´ve been really busy right now and I´m going through some exciting times. The arts and crafts/scrapbooking store that I own with my SIL has moved to a new place right in the city and it feels so good! I promise to post some pics from there in a couple of days.

Before I leave I just have to leave you with my latest layouts ( that is the ones I haven´t got around to post here...... LOL!)

This one has been chosen as a Gallery Standout a couple of days ago:


... and here are some others:






Until next time - have a wonderful weekend!

0471  Cinna

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Érica said...

I'm so sorry for CLD Carina! I was at their team last one, but just for a few months. It was a great place.