Sunday, December 14, 2008

So, what´s up?

Geez - these last weeks has been hilarious! Working six days a week and crash on Sundays - that´s me right now. I feel like I´m sitting with a really big jigsaw puzzle here and trying hard to fit the pieces family, home, work, CT obligations AND all this creativity that is overflowing my head right now.  Aaaaah....SO many things I wanna do right now! Love to spend some more time with the kids and DH, paint those canvases I have planned in my head, scrap some photos, finish all the Christmas cards, get out with the camera......More free time please!

Well, well - you can´t get it all.... ;)

Tomorrow I´m gonna show you  some pics of my Christmas cards - REAL ones - not digital....

Now I´m off to bed to read one of the best books I read for a looong time - Låt den rätte komma in. It´s a Swedish books about vampires so it´s a bit scary which I love!


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