Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to school

This is gonna be an exciting work year since I´m now trying to have two very different part-time jobs... Last week I started my teacher job after the summer holiday.

It was so much fun meeting all my work buddies and we had - and still have -  loooooaaads of stuff to talk about! We were away for two days on an island called Visingsö not far from were we live. It´s really lovely there in the summer. Here are some photos:

080814 004

080814 019

080814 053

Now I´m looking forward to meeting the students tomorrow. Most of them are familiar faces since last year, but I´m gonna meet them in other groups and other subjects.

This year I´ll be teaching in science and digital photo/photography which is totally new! Sooo much fun!

Now - off to work!

Happy Scrapping!

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