Friday, December 21, 2007

Mayday! Mayday!

My pc computer has totally crashed -YIKES!!!!!!
It´s totally dead - nothing happens on it. So now I have to send it away and when it comes back everything on it is gonna be gone.
Fortunately I made a full recovery for about two weeks ago and saved all my files on my external harddrive, but all my downloads for December are gone. I´m sure gonna miss some of the freebies I found during that time....

So now I´m writing on our mac - which is a really great computer - but I don´t have any scrapbooking friendly program on it.
I really do need to get one for it.

The really bad thing is that I might not be able to digiscrap for a while now and it´s gonna make me feel really bad. I´m totally ADDICTED to digiscrapping!!!!

The good thing is that I now can focus on my paper scrapbooking - LOLLL!!!

Have a really nice holiday and enjoy spending time with your loved ones!

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