Sunday, October 28, 2007


November will always be one of my favourite months. Why? It´s the month I and DH got engaged after only three months together. We held it a secret and let people discover it by themselves. Now we´ve been together for 17 years - and 15 of those as married. And it feels better than ever!

This month I made my own desktop. I will problably change after a week or two - LOLLL!- but this is what it looks like right now:

For full creds - look into my DST gallery....

Here´s some other ones I´ve done lately:

The first and the second is made with a kit by Mary Ridgeway at Deco-Pages called HeartDance Hiphop. The third one is made with a kit called "Snuggle by the fire" by Pamela Gibson which you can find at Polkadotpotato.

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Lisbet said...

Jag har gett dig en utmärkelse i min blogg som säger hur mycket jag uppskattar att titta in på din blogg och njuta av alla dina alster samt dig som person. Tack för att du finns.