Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back in Sweden

It´s amazing how fast 16 days go by! We had a wonderful vacation in Croatia except some minor stuff that really got to us. I will NEVER travel with bus again and defenitely not with that company. I you live in Sweden I strongly warn you that don´t travel with Scandorama! I could probably fill a whole blog about how much stuff that was bad. We talked to some other people as well and they felt the same way. Some reeeally had bad luck. I´ll give you a longer report later on...In fact I´ll make a special about that so you who want to read about it can look here during the following week or so - I really feel like whining about it! If you´re not interested - just skip it! LOLLL!!!!

I found a wonderful mail when I got home - I tried out for Bonnie van Esch CT just before I left AND I MADE IT!!!! YIIPPEEE! I just adore her stuff! I´m so happy! This is gonna be hilarious!

I´m gonna leave you with a photo from our vacation...

See ya - and keep on scrapping!

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