Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Point of No Return...

It´s time to face the truth - I just HAVE to get my butt of this computer chair!
I say like Tyra Banks - my jeans are giving me a "mufin top", well a little one anyway and that´s enough.

So I got started this Sunday with my bike - two miles (not american that is hehe..) and guess what? Today I did it - again!

I have the kindest DH. Look what he got for me to get me inspired:



So hopefully that new bikini I bought for our vacation is gonna fit a little better when it´s time to go...

I also wanna take time to show you my layouts for the Brag Book Challenge over at ColorLineDesign. It has just started so you can still join. Here is my cover and my first page:

You find full credits in my gallery at DST!

Gee, this was a long post- don´t get used to it! LOL!

Have a nice scrapping week!

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