Friday, August 03, 2018

....another one opens - Part II

So I am back again with my part II of this crazy, wonderful whirlwind of things that happened after The Digichick closed. And guess what? I found a new place to call home again! Or actually it chose me - I cannot believe that I was offered a spot at.....

So now I am officially a GingerBread Girl and it feels awesome!!! Now I just have to settle in and learn the ropes but I already done some work for them. Let's start with "The Monthly Mix":

I would absolutely love to visit a real American diner someday - but this kit works perfect with other photos too. Here's my layout using this wonderful collab:

Next up is a layout made with two items from August 2018 Buffet:

...and my layout:

Can you believe my luck to be able to create with so much gorgeous stuff???

There are also a ton of fun and inspiring challenges going on at Gingerscraps and I only made one this far. The signature challenge was calling my name since I really needed one and the challenge had a fun twist. You had to pic one of the "holidays" from this calendar:

I gotta admit that I was tempted to go for the Frankenstein Day or Dog Day, but I ended up with Book Lover´s Day - I just love to read!

I used some wonderful stuff that I already have from Aimee Harrison:

Thinking about it, I am still tempted to do a Frankenstein signature....Wouldn´t it be fun?

That's it folks! All cats are out of the bag, I have spilled the beans...I feel so overwhelmed and HAPPY about ALL of this!!!

Wishing you all a very nice Friday and weekend! Can't promise I won't be back earlier though...

Hugs, Carina

Thursday, August 02, 2018

When one door closes....Part I

When I got to know that The Digichick was gonna close I felt all kinds of emotions. First of all I was so sad by the news that the owner of TDC - Kim - had passed away and then we got the announcement that the shop was closing due to several reasons. I was lost. Having TDC as my go-to place for the people there, doing my challenge and taking part in others and posting my layouts was so comforting and then having everything scattered with the wind just like that....

I just took a deep breath and tried to look at the positive things. Like the awesome designers I CT for that are not at TDC - Laitha Art Studio, On A Whimsical Adventure, CSI challenge team and Simple Pleasure Design - and it felt good. I was considering on places where to hang up my hat and try to make a new "home" in the digital scrapbooking world and some places came to mind.

Then things started to change and that is why I call this post Part I.
First of all I have been accepted for several new designers to be on the CT for!!!!! Look at this line-up:

VERO - Her designs can be found HERE at Oscraps.

NATALI DESIGNS - Will soon open at a new shop at a well known place.

TAMI MILLER - has her designs at ScrapGirls, My Memories and Memory Mixer.

LDRAG DESIGNS - looking for a new shop at the moment.

I am so happy about this and I am so looking forward to be working with them! Here are some of my latest layouts using their stuff:

With stuff by LDrag Designs:

Natali Designs:


....and from Tami Miller:

Hang in there for the next post coming soon!!!
Hugs, Carina

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Case file #259

Yay! August 1st today which means it is time for a new casefile to solve at CSI:

I love the combination of orange and turquoise but somehow that totally escaped me when I made my layout for this case file:

This is how I solved the case:
"I love making travel pages! I was inspired of the map over Madrid and I wanted to incorporate that with the vintage photos of London and Paris. I also added a little charm with the Union Jack. The photo is from one of our trips to London."

To make my layout I used this fabulous travel collection from Simple Pleasure Designs by Jennifer Fehr (which I also do CT work for):

I also used one of these templates by Scrapping with Liz:

The deadline to solve this casefile is 31 August which means you have loads of time to get finished!
We would be so happy over at CSI if you would join - just click on the pic below and you will get directly to this challenge!
Hugs, Carina

Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Some scrappers feel so intimidated when you mention making an art journal page or mixed media styled, but I can promise you its not as hard as you think!

Why don't you join me for my new art journal challenge over at TDC for July? It is really easy going and I will break it down for you:

The challenge for this month is to make a monochromatic page, adding as little as possible from any other color (including black and white). Since I love pink I went with that and came up with this page:

To get that artsy feeling, look for a kit or collection that has painted elements, paper tears, paint splashes and that kind of stuff to make it easier. I also like to play with brushes in PSE or using digital stamps to blend them with the background. When you make things art journaling style you got to think about using rather "flat" decorations and really pay attention to your shadow work. 

For this layout I chose some things from Vero:

I also used this stamps pack from Pavlinka Designs which I have used a lot for my digital art pages:

I always start with picking out a background paper and nine times out of ten I go for a patterned paper of some sorts. Then I use the digital stamps as I would do to a paper layout. Since this is a monochromatic challenge I recolored all the stamps using pink shades from the kit. Make sure your stamps are beneath your elements and that they are not "floating". I also added a blended photo of Audrey Hepburn since I used a quote made by her. 

It is all about trial and error in the end - but it is not difficult. Just think messy and artsy!!! 😊
I do hope you wanna join me in my challenge - you will find all the details by clicking on this picture:

Until next time - happy creating!
Hugs, Carina