Monday, July 17, 2017

New layouts!

One good thing with having a vacation and that the weather isn´t the best is that you get time to scrap! I made some new layouts for TDC - both CT and for challenges. The first two are made with a new collection by Aimee Harrison called Watermelon Love:

Here´s the collection:

The following three are made for TDC challenges. The first one is for the scraplift challenge and I had these sweet pics of my dogs that I wanted to use:

I used stuff from this gorgeous collection which I totally adore by Akizo Designs:

The second one is for the Tic Tac Toe challenge. I gotta admit that when I first saw the options for this challenge I saw that it was very patriotic and I didn't´t know if I was gonna do it. But then I got thinking and ended up doing a page about how much I wanna visit USA:

For this one I used an oldie but goodie kit by Veró:

The third is for the Title It challenge. The challenge was to make a title where the letter´s aren´t in a straight line so I made this about my new haircut:

For this I used a kit that I totally adore by et designs! Just look at this:

I also used the alpha:

I think that sometimes we´re so eager to look at what´s new in a shop and forget to look at older products. By doing that we are missing out on so many hidden gems. I changed my way how to find kits by sometimes just using the search engine in a store and typing in a word that I am thinking about at that moment. I found A LOT of goodies - trust me on that! Why don´t you try too?

Hugs, Carina

Monday, July 10, 2017

More challenge layouts!

Hi everyone!
Here´s some new layouts that I made for the challenges over at TDC (The Digichick).

First off is the Use It All challenge. You get a mini kit from Snickerdoodle Designs and you have to use ALL that´s in it:

You´re also free to add thing if you want to. This time I decided that I would only use the stuff that´s provided but I did use a template by Aimee Harrison:

Next up is the Designer Spotlight challenge and in July that´s Aimee Harrison. This time the designer provided a free template to use and I found just the perfect kit for what I had in mind:

I made a layout about my summer booklist:

I actually love this kit so much so I decided to use it for another of the TDC challenges called Top Ten. Mine´s about the book series I love to follow and always look out for new ones - obviously not all of them are going to have more coming! 

Of course my layouts are linked to my gallery at TDC for full credits. Hope you will do some of them too!
Hugs, Carina

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Challenge time at TDC

One of the best things to get my creativity going when to making layouts is to join challenges. Today I´m sharing the list of challenges for The Digichick - that I also am on the CT for:

 July Challenges Lineup
Give Me Space Challenge - with Robin

Spotlight on Aimee Harrison Designs - with Aimee and Angie
Use It All Challenge-with Deanna and Karen from Snickerdoodle Designs

Word Art Challenge-with Henriëtte aka Angel Jet 
Template Challenge- with Kabra
Tic Tac Toe Challengewith Zanthia
Scraplift Challenge- with Mrottler
Chatty Challenge
- with Bea
Title It! Alpha Challenge- with Bea and Alexis Design Studio
Mood Board- with Kay
Scripture Challenge - with Rebecca
Art Journaling - with Cinna
Picture Perfect Challenge- with Jenny
Try Something New Challenge - with Megan
Top Ten Challenge - with Kathryn
Brush Challenge- with Kelley

Here´s my layout for July´s template challenge:

I used stuff by Snickerdoodle Designs called Nature walk. My layout is linked to my TDC gallery for full credits.
I truly love this kit - it feels so Swedish in a way - so I also used it for my signature for July:

So don´t hesitate to join the fun challenges over at TDC! 
Hugs, Carina

Friday, June 30, 2017

Art Journaling challenge at The DigiChick

Hi everyone!

Today I have some exciting news! Starting from today (July 1st) I´ll be running an art journaling challenge over at The DigiChick and I really hope that you wanna join! The link to the challenge is HERE, but I wanted to tell you a little more about art journaling digitally here in my blog the way I see it.

I guess many are like me and absolutely love looking at all the wonderful pages people make, both digitally and physically. I´ve been dabbling with both digital and physical and I love them both for different reasons. But let´s keep this about digital since that´s what the challenges are all about.

The ground rule about art journaling is that there are no rules! It can be whatever you want it to be. I can understand that this is where many get confused but I wanna show you two layouts that I made so you can see that it isn´t so hard at all.

Now - for the challenge this month I want you to look at my Pinterest board about art journaling and scraplift something from it to get started. I picked two different layouts:

For the first one I used this kit by Linda Cumberland Designs:

To get that beautiful, artsy background paper I simply used one that was already done in the kit:

Then I added the two art dolls, the doilies, paper pieces and the lace that also are in the kit:

Now - pay really good attention to your shadow works. If you want it to look realistic remember that painted objects don´t have any shadows. Think of them as "flat" items. The same goes for any other elements  - don´t overdo them. The last thing I added to the layout above is the quote from Family Affair (word art 1) by KimEric Kreations and CU Messy Stitches vol.1 by et designs. Et voilá - it´s done!

For the second one I started with a plain background paper from Wings Things [Mega collection] by Vero:
(You can buy all the things I´m using as separate packs but the price difference is so tiny 
compared to buying the whole collection so you get loads more for you bucks this way....)

Then I added layers of stamps from both the kit and the add-on on the paper. Some I changed color to white for variation and to get a gesso feeling. After that I added the girl from the Paper Art Dolls elements from Linda Cumberland. I resized her and mirrored her to better fit my layout. I also added wings from the Wings Things kit and that sweet quote. I also used the text stamp from the same kit and stamped on the art doll. As a final touch I added the butterflies.

I hope this made sense. You can always ask me a question in the comments down below or pm me over at TDC if there´s anything you wanna ask me about. 

Now I really, really hope you wanna join me for this challenge - and don´t forget that it´s all about having fun!

Hugs, Carina