Saturday, January 20, 2018


Hi everyone!
I´m so sorry that I'm a bit behind posting here but due to personal stuff I got a little side tracked. Hopefully it has slowed down a bit and I´ll be game again!

Let's fire away with the new challenge over at CSI that was released on 15th January. Here's casefile no.246:

I made this layout for the challenge:

I am a BIG FAN of Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland so finding inspiration for this one wasn't hard! I used a lot of elements with hints to the classic story, the colors of the picture and a quote from Mr. Carroll that I really like!

For my layout I used one of my favorite collections by On A Whimsical Adventure called Wonderland:
The picture is linked to the store

Now - rush over to CSI and read more about this challenge! Just click on the casefile above and you will get there as fast as Alice fell through the hole in the tree. You're gonna love it!
Hugs, Carina

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

My heart just broke....

I am totally devastated. Our cat was admitted to do a liver diopsy and during surgery they found out that the liver was destroyed 90% due to cancer. There was nothing we could do so she was put to sleep. Now she's gone. She's been with us for more than 14 years. We buried her by her favorite place in the garden together with one of her fleece blankets and her toys. This is such a sad day.

Monday, January 01, 2018

New year and a new month!

Hi everyone!

Hope you feel ready for a new year with all hopes and expectations you might have! I'm hoping for a year full of inspiration, healthy choices and just having FUN!

Here are some personal reflections on what to do and NOT do when it comes to being creative this year:

  • STOP HOARDING! Yes - that's my number 1 this year. I'm  really aiming for just using the stuff I already have at home and that's A LOT.  Not buying a lot of stuff just because it´s pretty or looks cool.
  • Not getting caught in some monthly kit of any kind. I just keep ending up with a lot of stuff that I will never use. I do have one now that I have to get through for one or two times more, but after that it´s over.
  • I just need ONE planner to dabble with. 
  • Do challenges but trying to be realistic about how many I can do in a month.
  • Make my Project Life 2018 all digital! I still haven't finished with 2017 and I'm stuck at February...
  • Make more paper layouts.
  • Making more canvases and art journaling.
  • Schedule crafting for once a week. I need this. Just knowing that I have made time for it in my planner so I can be more focused on everything else.
  • Just having FUN and letting go of all expectations. 
  • Getting inspired - not overwhelmed. My own work is good enough.
Have you a list? What are your thoughts when it comes to your creativity? It will be fun to checking this list in a month or so just to see how it works out.

Speaking of challenges - it´s a new month which means I can reveal TWO for you today. The first one is my Art Journaling challenge over at TDC:

This month I want you to make a page using a quote or a saying that means a lot to you. You can read all about it by clicking on the pic above. Here's a closer look at my layout:

I would LOVE if you join me this month! 💖

The other challenge I'm super excited about is the new casefile over at CSI:

There are new rules now and you can freestyle your very own take which is so exciting! Read all about it on the CSI blog. I got really inspired by all the wonderful colors and for some reason the winter themed pic made me think about making New Year's resolutions:

The kit I used is called "A new me" by Magical Scraps Galore, TDC:

So here's to a creative and fun 2018!
💕Hugs, Carina💕

Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 is going out with a BANG!

About a little more than a week ago I announced to you that I had been chosen to be a part of the CT for the CSI challenges and I'm still over the moon about that! I already made some layouts but I´ll have to wait a bit before I can show them to you. But I can promise that you're gonna love the challenges that are coming... 💖

Now to the BANG part!

As if this wasn't enough as a surprise I just got signed up to a new CT! The most awesome part is that I didn't even apply for it - I was asked by the designer if I wanted to join! And here she is:

I just love Jennifer´s kit and she runs her own store. I have bought kits from her but I never thought I would be on her team - it´s like a dream come true!

I just bought her new collection before I joined the CT:

Just after I joined she released an add-on called Retro Records:

I have made three layouts with these so far:

(I also used a template by PrestelnayaP Designs, TDC for this one)

So this has really been such an happy ending to 2017!!! Now I'm looking forward to new adventures in 2018!

💖 Hugs, Carina 💖