Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My mansion is finished!

I was so opting for keeping a more steady flow of posting to my poor blog but every time I write that I seem to jinx it so today I won´t make any such promises.

In my previous post I showed you my little house that I started on and today and I can say that I´m finished with it!

I started out with some empty pizza boxes that I die cut. After assembling all the pieces - and there were a lot of pieces - I covered it up using white gesso. I tried to color it with distress markers but they took ages to dry (I had to use the heat embossing tool). After leaving it for about two weeks, totally frustrated on how to continue, I just decided that I would finish it today. So I picked up some basic water colors and added the gloomy details to the chimneys, door and window frames. 

Now I have to tell you about the structure of those roofs. That was such a happy accident. I had dugged out my Rock Candy crackled paint for them aiming for that look but since my colors where water soluble they just mixed together. So I used a rather hard brush and stippled the surface and vóila! 

Here is a close-up of my messy painted spooky mansion:

So what did I learn? Let´s see....
  • If I (ever) wanna use plain cardboard again - decorate the pieces before assembling the house. The pieces are tiny and hard to paint when they´re in place.
  • So opting for colored or structured cardstock the next time I´ll do it.
  • Was I frustrated? Yes!
  • Will I ever do one again? OH YES! Can´t wait to make a pretty one + some extra smaller ones for Christmas.
Now it sits in our living room on the sideboard and when you don´t look too close at it it´s looking spooky enough.

Hugs, Carina

Sunday, October 02, 2016

New releases and DSD

This weekend it was time for DSD - Digital Scrapbooking Day. Isn´t funny how the manage to always stretch these days over several days? The more appropriate title would be DSW - Digital Scrapbooking Weekend...Hehehe!

Aaanyway - my sweet designers had made some releases besides their awesome sales (which you still can be a part of as of today Sunday). You can find the links to the right ---------->

The Nifty Pixel released a totally awesome Halloweeny collection which I totally adore:

As always you CAN buy them separately but I really think you have to see the whole collection. I can also finally show you a layout with this that I really like myself:

If you are a fan of Penny Dreadful I think you recognize the handsome Dr Frankenstein. I´m gonna miss that show so much.

Next new release is from Juno Designs who once more has teamed up with Amanda Yi and made another Zodiac collab:

I think the color combos are gorgeous and you really don´t have to make a Virgo layout at all. Like I did - since there´s no one in the family that is born in that sign:


I had planned to do some "stalking" in the forums of the digicommunity during DSD - but to my happy surprise my DD was home from college so I got to spend some quality time with her.  I did a little shopping and made ONE DSD challenge layout.

This is what I got from The Lily-Pad:

And since I spent $15 I got this gorgeous collab for free:

I already have Part One which I manage to download for free this past week as their pre-DSD freebie;

As my last thing today I want to show you my latest project I´m working on. I bought some new dies from Tim Holtz:


I decided to reuse some old boxes I had at home and this is it for now:

Or actually - that is the latest photo I have right now. I just painted it with gesso and gonna let that dry really good. THEN the fun can begin!

Catch you later!/Carina

Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Challenges at The Lily-Pad

The challenges at The Lily-Pad really gets my creativity going and makes me go out of my comfort zone and I really LOVE that! This month I managed to do them all and here they are all together:

Random - we had to follow a "recipe":


 Inspiration - planners:

 Journaling - no photos and something you say a lot:

 Photography - the golden hour:


 Style - Art Journal:


If you click HERE you will get to my gallery at TLP for all the wonderful details and credits!

Now I´m looking forward to a new month full of challenges!
Hugs, Carina

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Digichick challenges in September

I love taking part of the challenges over at The Digichick and this month I did them all except one which was making a tag.

Here are my contributions for this month and at the bottom I´m giving you the link to my TDC gallery so you can find all the credit details.

Featured Designer - The Nifty Pixel:

 Word - Fall:

 Product - Gesso: 


 Pocket Scrapbooking:


 Give Me Space:



 Use It All:


Tomorrow I´m gonna show you all the layout I did for the challenges at The Lily-Pad...

Hugs, Carina